How Do I Get Off The Georgia Sex Offender Registry?

On May 20, 2010, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue signed HB 571 into law. That legislation made important changes to the law governing sex offender registration. Included in these changes is a provision that permits certain individuals who were convicted of a sexual offense in the past to be removed from the registry. Anyone convicted of […]

Rape Shield Statute Applies to Georgia’s Prosecutors

The Rape Shield Statute is generally believed to protect victim’s of rape from having their sexual histories put on display during a trial of the alleged rapist. This is generally true, however, the ‘Rape Shield’ statute is applicable in an array of sex crimes. Furthermore, while the shield protects defense attorney’s from examining an alleged […]

Who I am and What I do.

This blog is dedicated to providing information, updates, and strategy regarding the defense of sex crimes in the state of Georgia. The blog is authored by myself, Ryan Brown, of J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC. My firm webpage is I have offices in Newnan, Georgia and Macon, Georgia. These are strategically located on Georgia’s […]